12º FECICAM Festival de Cine Español Emergente

(Festival de Cine de Castilla-La Mancha)

1. Philosophy

FESTIVAL DE CINE DE CASTILLA LA MANCHA -oriented towards new producers- supports independent films and fosters alternate author’s films, thus contributing to development of cinematography. Among its basic objectives is spreading and promoting makers in Castilla-la Mancha. FECICAM aims at serving as a cinema fair in the area with especial interest in directorial debuts (it is open up to the third director’s work included).

2. Dates

Works made on any date, not submitted in previous editions of this festival may be submitted. The final stage of the Festival shall be carried out during September 2021.

3. Sections

CLM Section For Directors and producers born or residing in Castilla-La Mancha (accredited by DNI or census certificate) and productions shot in Castilla-La Mancha territory (accredited by shooting authorization). It must be indicated if the work is a Debut Film (up to and including the director’s third work) or if it is made at a Cinema School.

National Section Short films (not necessarily Debut Films) and works produced at Film Schools, by directors or producers from any part of Spain.

Series Section Open to fiction series pilots by directors or producers from any part of Spain.

International Section Debut Films (open up to and including the director’s third work) by directors or producers from any other country in the world.

Babycam – Children’s Section Parents or guardians will be the ones to register and grant the rights to exhibit the work. In case of being produced in schools, workshops, etc., the students will be awarded, not the monitor. The works will be judged according to the capabilities of the age group.

Participants may summon any number of works.

The entries must be registered in only one Section (CLM, National, International, Series or Babycam).

The organization may not participate in the competition as directors and/or producers.

4. Formats

Short films of any fiction genre not belonging to documentary genre, less than 30 minutes.

Documentaries on any topic, less than 30 minutes.

Series pilots of any fiction genre, less than 50 minutes.

Babycam Short films on free topics, made by children 5-13 years old, less than 10 minutes.

5. Submission and Deadline

Only online registration shall be accepted through, in order that the jury may have access to and assess the works. No files and download links sent to the Festival’s e-mail shall be accepted.

The films registered in Babycam Section can also be submitted by e-mail to, including a download link.

The film shall be uploaded in mp4, mkv, avi or mpeg format, FullHD 1080p. No other format shall be accepted.

We will request some information that will be included in the application process, as well as all the required documentation. For registrations made by distributors, it is mandatory to provide the filmmaker’s information.

The cost of storing is free. The content is private and only accessible by the Festival and the members of the jury.

Registration to the Festival will be free of charge until July 31st inclusive, and on August 1st there will be a fee of 3 €.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla for uploading purposes.

Deadline for registration: 15th August 2021. Since 16th August, no registration shall be made. The Festival shall acknowledge the undersigned of the registration sheet as the only person responsible for the work before production houses, distributors and other companies or people that have participated in the production of the work, as well as for SGAE copyright purposes.

6. Language and Subtitles

In order to facilitate accessibility for the hearing impaired, all works must be submitted with Spanish subtitles, regardless of their original language.

Films without Spanish subtitles it shall be automatically disqualified from the Festival.

7. Jury and Selection of works

There shall be a pre-selection jury which, in accordance with the Festival’s purposes and criteria, shall select the works aiming at the various sections.

The works which shall be absolutely premiered in the Festival shall have preference, in case the pre-selection jury approve their quality.

The Jury shall include professionals and artists related to the cinema and arts. Their ruling shall be uncontestable. They may declare ex aequo or void any prize. If there is an agreement, relationship or mitigation between the Jury and participant, the participant shall be automatically disqualified.

Any assault or offense against members of the Jury and the Festival, through any means, may imply exclusion from the competition or, in certain cases, infraction against the law.

8. Awards

The Jury shall grant the following prizes and mentions:

Best Debut Short Film (CLM)

Best Short Film (CLM)

Best Documentary (CLM)

Best Cinema School Short Film (CLM)

Best Babycam Short Film (CLM)

Best National Debut Short Film

Best National Cinema School Short Film

Best International Debut Short Film

Best Series

Audience Award (granted by the audience). This price shall be subject to popular vote by the audience of projections throughout the festival. The Festival shall inform of the method chosen for voting.

FECICAM shall make everything possible in order that all awards and mentions have an economic endowment, however these are subject to the sponsors. If not all the prizes include money, mentions shall not include money either.

Amounts of the prizes shall be published on the official page of the Festival throughout such.

Winners shall insert FECICAM’s logotype, mentioning the prize granted, at the beginning of the film in future festivals and exhibitions of the movie.

The films awarded at the Festival for Best CLM Short Film and Best CLM Documentary may be exhibited at TV (CMM Castilla-La Mancha Media) in the form and manner to be publicly announced by said entity. In turn, such entity shall sign a contract between producers and TV for antenna broadcasting, where technical and legal requirements shall be specified. Works co-produced by CMM Castilla-La Mancha Media do not qualify for these awards.

FECICAM shall not be responsible for temporary terms of such prizes.

9. Awards Ceremony

The presence of selected ones shall be required throughout the festival in order to give the maximum spreading and promotion of their works. Our press cabinet shall call for media.

In case they may not personally appear, a visual introduction shall be provided in order to present their movie on the date of its projection.

In the Awards Ceremony, the presence of the awarded person or a team member appointed to receive the prize (and a video thanking the festival fifteen days in advance to the delivery of prizes, or the delivery of the prize shall not be guaranteed) shall be obligatory.

The festival shall not bear the expenses for attendance to the award of prizes, in accordance with rules for subsidies governing the festival.

10. Regulatory Amendments

The organisers reserve the right to remove or modify any rules and regulations of the competition and any of its prizes. Any conflict (of organization or functioning) not foreseen in the present rules, will be resolved by the organization of the Festival.

In case of questions, disputes, misunderstandings, and unforeseen issues, the decisions of the directors of the Festival are final.

In the event of legal problems, the Spanish version of these conditions will take precedence.

11. Acceptance of Terms

Participation implies acceptance and agreement with the terms herein contained regarding the Festival.

Organizers assume people registering works hold the rights for exhibition of the works they register in the festival, as well as authorization to receive the prize. In any case, organizers waive to the responsibility that may be derived from breach of this term.

Films may not be withdrawn from the Festival once they have been selected.